cam jacob

a gender expansive lover of camp, criticality, and culinary connoisseurship, cam jacob writes for liberation, makes for consciousness, bakes for futurism, sows for security, and loves without hope of reciprocity.

cam discovered poetry as a venue for political resistance and emotive word dancing and won't stop. along with critical prose, plays, musicals, and conceptual art pieces, cam seeks to interrupt the lemming life to reveal the concealed realities of our time.

cam believes authority that has not justified itself is illegitimate and essays to collapse hierarchies of oppression,

starting with typographical capitalizations à la bell hooks  and culminating with and informed by abolition democracy via angela davis.

cam empowered learners across the world, glutted on cultural gastronomy, absorbed global artistic rhythm, and witnessed the pain inflicted on earth's inhabitants by capitalist greed and avarice. times up, indeed, and in a more ways than we have yet imagined.


health as wealth

quiet as comfort

knowledge as joy

compassion as common

discovery as purpose

prosperity universal